Flooring Gallery and Interiors has a wide selection and samples of each kind of flooring so we can specify the best option for your project. As you decide on what type and style of flooring is best for you, we encourage our customers to take samples home to get the best visual before making a decision on all products.

So many samples!

Free Measurements

Set an appointment for a measure, so that we can ensure we have the correct room dimensions as we quote flooring for your project.

Free Estimates

Once we have your measurements and the flooring material you have chosen for your project, we get right to work on quoting everything you will need at the best prices Flooring Gallery can offer!

What Suits You

With all the new and ever changing products today don’t let the endless options stress you out. Deciding on the right flooring is important but knowing exactly what you are getting is even more so. Our staff is here to explain the advantages and disadvantages of using certain floor covering products for each individual project to ensure you get exactly what you need and want in your home or office.


We pride ourselves in working with some of the best installers in the area.  With proven craftsmanship and professionalism on jobs we make sure we get the best person for each job we do.

And if you are more of a (do-it-yourself-er) we encourage you to come ask any questions you may have on the products or labor as you install to make sure your floors look great!

Let us help with installation!